Code Trainer

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my dad gave me a great gift. He handed me the KD1JV Code Trainer from QRPGuys. I was able to solder it up in about 30 minutes and most of that time was spent finding a capacitor that found its way into the minijack. With that mystery solved, my favorite little girl provided her expert guidance and supervision over the construction. Her efforts were not wasted as it worked the first time!

Dad also gave me a J key mounted to one serious piece of metal. It’s good stuff and hopefully I will get some practice in here and there. There are apps for my mobile OS of choice, but the key is a lot more fun. KD1JV Code Trainer KD1JV Code Trainer

General License Achieved

I took and passed the General License test on 16-Nov-2017 at the Community Ambulance Association of Ambler. So now I can get my 20m stuff going!

Still trying to find minutes to put together my BITX40 radio. I’ve got a pretty cool case that I found via a blog here.

I should note that for my birthday I got a good UHF/VHF antenna for the attic to push along my joining of nets from the house.

With the General test complete, I’m off to work on learning Morse Code. The goal here is DX CW.