Well, this is better late than never, I guess. Back when I got my ticket, I decided that I’d take a trip to Hamvention out in Dayton (sorry, Xenia). Being an Ohio native with a dad who is into this stuff, I was well aware of the magnitude of the event and how big the show is, but I’d never been. It seemed like it might be fun to go out that way and take my son with me for a bit of a nerd weekend. I knew my dad would be going and I figured the three of us could hang out and have fun.

As it turned out, there was a really great reason to go. See, my dad is retired and as all good retired engineers do, he found something to fill up his calendar. He picked getting involved with the Portage County Amateur Radio Service aka PCARS. Now, he couldn’t just get a little involved, he had to go and get elected president this last year. So when I got my ticket, I joined the club. I regularly attend their 2m Net via EchoLink, so it made sense.

This year, PCARS won the distinguished Hamvention Club of the Year. So the old man got to go to a banquet and, oddly enough, my stepmother decided not to attend. I have no idea why! The upside for my son and me was that we got to crash his hotel room for the night.

My son and I always have a good time traveling together and this was no exception. Stops at Sheetz for breakfast sandwiches and just general hanging out. I don’t know that Hamvention was his idea of fun, but he got to see the satellite programs and talk with the BSA guys about what cool perks a scout has with a ticket. Of course it rained because, well, Hamvention and Ohio in spring. I will say that he loved our quick outing to Young’s Dairy for ice cream.

It was a great trip. The boy and I got to hang out with my dad and we had a good time looking at both things and stuff. I didn’t buy anything, but I did meet George from the Ham Radio Workbench podcast which is a favorite of mine and now my son’s as well.

Good times!